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How do I connect my personal Apple iPhone or iPad device to the WiFi?
Last Updated 7 months ago

Staff may follow these steps to connect a personal device to the WiFi.  This connection only provides access to the Internet and no internal resources.  The steps below must be completed in each building you visit to establish the connection.

  1. Select the APS Staff WiFi network.
  2. Enter your Windows username and password when requested.  
  3. On an Apple device, click "Trust" when presented information about the certificate.

  4. You device should now be connected to the APS Staff WiFi.
If you are having trouble, you might have to tell your device to "forget" the APS Staff and set it up again:


About trusting the certificate - iOS:
The APS Staff wifi uses an enterprise authentication method called RADIUS.  This allows for increased security between your device and the network by using your user credentials to authenticate and an encryption certificate to encrypt the data transferred over the air.  The certificate is generated by our RADIUS server and your mobile device needs to know that it is valid, thus the prompt to trust the certificate.  The certificate name will end with apsnet.local and will contain the initials for the school you are authenticating through.

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