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How do I log into my Windows computer with Duo Security?
Last Updated 10 months ago

Using Windows Login with Duo verification:

  1. Check that your device is connected to the internet. Look at the icons in the lower right corner. If you see the "no internet globe", click on it and connect to a wireless network (or turn off airplane mode). If you can not get the device online, see the offline mode steps below.
  2. Log into Windows with your username and password. The Duo verification window appears.
  3. Duo will automatically send you a push notification if you have set up that method of verification. If you wish to use a hardware token or passcode instead:
    1. Click cancel to cancel the push notification

    2. Click the "Enter a Passcode" button

    3. Enter the passcode generated by your Duo Mobile app


      Insert your hardware token into the USB port and touch the gray circle on the token for 1 second. The token will type the passcode into the passcode field.

  4. Check the box next to "Remember me for…" to skip the Duo verification for the time period shown. Duo will ask for verification on the next login if the device is connecting from another IP address or the time shown has elapsed.

  5. Follow the Duo prompts to verify with your chosen method.

More information can be found in the Logging into Windows with Duo guide.

Windows Login with Duo without an Internet connection:

  1. If you believe you may need access to your Windows PC without an internet connection, follow these steps to set up Duo for offline authentication.

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