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How do I send or receive fax documents?
Last Updated 7 months ago

The District uses the eFax Corporate service to send and receive fax documents.  Nurses, school office staff, and select central office staff can send documents directly from their computers.  Other staff can send using the "send to eFax" option on the copiers.  Received faxed are delivered to the nurses, school office staff, or department staff depending on the fax number used.

Please see this document for more information on how to use the service.

Regarding re-sending to a destination that was busy:
Our standard system will set up your internet faxing solution to retry a busy fax number five times, spaced over increasing delays among each re-dial attempt. In the case of a “human-answered” error — meaning an instance where the fax number was actually also a phone line and answered by a person or voicemail — we will attempt just a single re-send.

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